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Rhythm of Producing Novels

I trust you are finding creative and regenerative ways to stay safe and carry on. There certainly hasn’t been a better time to read than this past seven months. And writing is something that works in a sheltered place, of course. Thank you again to all who helped with the launch of Small Lives. There are a pile of encouraging reviews on Amazon, and elsewhere, that certainly add to the book’s appeal. That the restrictions of the pandemic will continue into next year might also attract a few more readers. As I have mentioned a couple times before, I am writing a new series of books, the first of which is called The Girl Who Sees Angels. The series is named after the main character—The Sophie Ramos Series. I hope to have the first book available before the end of November, with early readers needed before that. Stay tuned. According to the rhythm of producing novels, even as I promote my most recently published book and begin to introduce my next novel, I have already begun writing yet another book. And I’m planning the novel that comes after that. I am currently drafting a book called Immortal Enemies. I haven’t settled on the series title yet but expect it to include three novels. These stories are set during the millennial reign of Jesus. It will be a companion series to The Reign. Where The Reign focused mostly on those loyal to the king in Jerusalem, this one more closely examines the lives of some rebelling against his earthly kingdom. How those who ultimately war against him after a thousand years can resist King Jesus is a mystery I want to explore. That the answer lies at the core of human nature should add some contemporary resonance to elements of this speculative story. After finishing Immortal Enemies, I hope to write another in the Seeing Jesus series. The seventh book in the series will be called Hiding Jesus, featuring a nine year old girl who has Jesus hiding in her closet. Many of you found Seeing Jesus years ago and read my other books because of what you found there. I know some of my other novels are quite different in tone and message from the Seeing Jesus series. I am particularly grateful for those who have followed the winding path into my other works. But I am also happy to revisit the Seeing Jesus series at least one more time.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your feedback on my ongoing projects.

Blessings! Jeff

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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2023

Hello Jeffrey I just wanted to say I have just read your book in kindle “Seeing Jesus “ which I found great.I could not out it down & now I’m reading Hearing Jesus I will be reading a lot of your books from now on.

Thank you so much that your books are on kindle as I always read on kindle I cannot see the print in books

anymore I have a I.pad.I must not go on but I have always wanted to hear Jesus as you write in your books.Thank you again..Blessings Marguerite.


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