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Keep On Asking
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Keep On Asking: A Supernatural Christian Novel (The Prayer Rider Book 1)
His brother’s tragic accident drives him to his knees. As he begs for restoration, he is lifted beyond hope and imagination to where miracles areHis brother in a coma, ten-year-old Josiah Winslow faces the hardest weeks of his life. Little Matty may not survive. If he does survive, he may have serious brain damage.

Praying. That’s what his family is doing, what their church is doing. As Josiah struggles to imagine the power of those prayers, a celestial visitor takes him on a miraculous ride into the realm where petitions rise toward heaven and enemies fight to oppose them.

Josiah’s glimpse into the spiritual battle zone inspires his faith. But it also reveals that Matty’s life is in the balance. What if people don’t pray enough? Or don’t have enough faith? What will Josiah do if Matty doesn’t wake up?

Keep on Asking is the first book in The Prayer Rider series. What happens when we pray? Why aren’t some prayers answered the way we hope or expect? One family’s experience, one boy’s journey, offers a portal into those mysteries, and hope for those willing to keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking.

Keep on Seeking
Keep On Seeking - eBook.jpg

Keep On Seeking: A Supernatural Christian Novel (The Prayer Rider Book 2)

His mother used to be so clever and so present. Now she forgets things, even the names of her children. Where has she gone? Can her family get her back?

Josiah Winslow takes leave from his company, turning it over to his partner so he can go home and be with his dad and his mom. At thirty-five Josiah is a successful entrepreneur. At Sixty-three his mom is too young to be succumbing to Alzheimer’s.

He’s never heard of anyone being healed of Alzheimer’s. Is it too hard? Too much for prayers to affect? Too hard for God?
On his flight home, he falls asleep in his first class seat. And he has a dream like the revelations he experienced when he was ten.

Keep On Kncking
Keep on Knocking - eBook.jpg

Keep On Knocking: A Supernatural Christian Novel (The Prayer Rider Book 2)

His sister is desperate to find her husband. His nephew has flown halfway around the world in search of his father. It’s time to use his gift again, to see into heavenly realms and find the way of escape.

The year is 2043. Josiah Winslow is sixty. He is still riding on prayers. And now his family needs him to do his part in finding and rescuing his brother-in-law, Noah.

When aid workers are seized by militants in a fractured country in central Asia, Josiah’s brother-in-law is among them. Sarah is doing everything she can to find her husband. And now she has to worry about her son, Berto, who has impulsively traveled to the war-torn country where Noah was last seen.

Can the family be reunited? Will Josiah again be given supernatural sight that reveals the way to deliverance? Reveals how to pray? How to keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking?

Keep on Knocking is the third book in the Prayer Rider series.

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