The Girl Who Sees Angels - Book

The Girl Who Sees Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 1)

    SOPHIE RAMOS has always had visions—perceptions of beings others don’t see. Even her mother doubted her as a child. Psychiatrists doubted her too. Psychics tried to recruit her to enrich and empower themselves. Now she’s thirty-two, living on her own, and sharing her secret only with her mother and a few friends.

    A threatening specter begins to visit her at night, and more than her sleep is at stake. She follows a friend’s recommendation to visit Detta Washington, a church lady who believes that Sophie does see angels and demons. Even if Sophie is skeptical about the labels Detta uses for what she sees, she comes to respect Detta and finds ways to use her gift to help others.

    When she helps free Detta from an incurable disease and releases two of her friends from creepy creatures shadowing them, Sophie starts to embrace her identity. But she still needs help with the ghoul that hovers above her bed at night. And that’s not the last enemy who threatens her in the dark.

    Anthony, Detta’s handsome son, helps Sophie understand his mother’s religious language, and he becomes convinced that Sophie is for real. After years of doubt and frequent commitments to mental hospitals, Sophie’s mother comes to trust her daughter’s visions as well.

    Recovering from a life of being condemned as a crazy person, Sophie finds new confidence. She is gifted. She is the girl who sees angels.

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The Woman Who Chases Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 2)

Sophie Ramos is not a girl anymore. But she still sees angels. These days, she's more certain about the differences between the good and the bad ones. Her newfound faith has infused her with confidence in her gift and in herself. But she still needs the wise counselors and fellow warriors she has met along the way.

Navigating relationships and her work, Sophie continues to encounter spirits in her daily life. But she is not just pushing past them anymore. She has joined with saints from a variety of churches in bringing freedom to the suffering and oppressed. She has even resorted to chasing an angel … or two.

The Woman Who Chases Angels brings light into dark places, hope into stuck places and joy everywhere Sophie carries her extraordinary gift.