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the girl who sees angels
The Girl Who Sees Angels - eBook.jpg

The Girl Who Sees Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 1)

Lights in the darkness, shadows in daylight, she has seen them all her life, and feared them. Can she break free now? Does she really want to?

Sophie Ramos has always thought she was cursed and maybe crazy. Even her mother doubted her when she was a child. Priests and psychiatrists doubted her too. But psychics tried to recruit Sophie to enrich and empower themselves.

Now she’s thirty-two, living on her own, keeping her secret from everyone except her mother and a few close friends. But a threatening specter begins to visit her at night, and more than her sleep is at stake.

She follows a friend’s recommendation to visit Detta Washington, a church lady who believes in the spirit realm. Detta becomes convinced that Sophie sees angels and demons. Even if Sophie is skeptical about Detta’s labels for what she sees, she comes to respect the older woman.

When Sophie helps free Detta from an incurable disease and releases two of her friends from creepy creatures shadowing them, Sophie starts to embrace her identity. But she still needs help with the ghoul that hovers above her bed at night. And that’s not the last enemy who will threaten her in the dark.

Recovering from a life of being condemned as a crazy person, Sophie finds new confidence. She is gifted. She is the girl who sees angels.

The Woman Who Chases Angels
The Woman Who Chases Angels - eBook.jpg

The Woman Who Chases Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 2)

She can no longer simply watch. She knows the spirits are real. Now she has to take sides. And to discover who she really is.

Sophie Ramos is not a girl anymore. But she still sees angels. These days, she's more confident about the differences between the good and the bad ones. Her newfound faith has infused her with trust in her gift and in herself. But she still needs the wise counselors and fellow warriors she has met along the way.

Navigating relationships and her work, Sophie continues to encounter spirits in her daily life. But she is not just pushing past them anymore. She has joined with saints from a variety of churches in bringing relief to the suffering and oppressed. She has even resorted to chasing an angel … or two.

Sophie Ramosbrings light into dark places, hope into stuck places and freedom everywhere she carries her extraordinary gift.

This is Book Two in the Sophie Ramos series which began with The Girl Who Sees Angels.

The Woman Who Welcomes Angels
The Woman Who Welcomes Angels - eBook Small (1).jpg

The Woman Who Welcomes Angels (Sophie Ramos Book 3)

As she learns to war in the spiritual realm, both strangers and friends come to her for help. Can she meet such a great need? How long can she survive with the enemy’s target on her back?

Sophie Ramos has a calling and maybe even an obligation. But she can’t do any of it by herself. The team she traveled with the previous year was helpful. But she was just a guest, not a real member of that team. Can she form her own team of gifted people, skilled and committed to freedom for all who come to them?

Not everyone who seeks Sophie out is looking for spiritual liberation. An old nemesis has barged back into her life, bringing his own skills and his own team with him. Does Sophie have enough of the light she cherishes to overcome the darkness Maxwell Hartman brings with him?

The girl who sees angels has become a woman who welcomes angels. She has grown in her faith and grown in her gifts. Does she have what it takes to lead a team of spiritual warriors? Only God and Sophie know the answer to that. Though Detta certainly has an opinion.

This is Book Three in the Sophie Ramos series which began with The Girl Who Sees Angels.

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