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Relentless Love
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Relentless Love:  A Father's Pursuit

    Gretchen Volmer didn’t come home last night. It’s Sunday morning and her dad has heard nothing from her since she left for the concert the night before. When he learns that her best friend is also missing, and her car has been abandoned in another town, his worry turns to fear.

    An Army veteran and former cop, Den Volmer gathers emotional and logistical resources for pursuing his daughter. The police think she might simply be exercising the freedom of a nineteen-year-old. Den knows his girl. Something is wrong. And now he’s in a frantic race to find the abducted girls before they’re dropped into the darkness of the underworld.

    For her part, Gretchen knows that her father won’t stop until he finds her. She only has to stay alive and keep her friend Jennica from falling apart. She tries to get Jenn to laugh, and attempts a human connection with her captors, even as she looks for a way to escape.

    Inspired by Cory Asbury’s song, “Reckless Love,” this is the story of a father’s unstoppable passion for his daughter. Whatever his flaws, and deficits in skill, nothing is stronger than Den’s unfailing love for his girl.

And He Healed Them All

And He Healed The All

    When James Wolfer goes to visit his old friend Walter Schrader in a nursing home, he expects to find his former professor as depressed as the last time he visited. He also hopes to get a chance to talk to Jillian Moore, the attractive psychiatrist at the nursing home, about Walter's condition.

    Instead of a dour Walter, mourning the disabilities left him by a recent stroke, James finds his friend excited to tell him about a compelling dream he had the previous night. In that dream, and many dreams that follow, Walter believes he is seeing a day in the life of Jesus. And it was a day in which a great multitude came to him, with a whole range of physical and spiritual ailments, and he healed them all.

    For Walter this means a new reason to live. For both Jillian and James the dreams become a fascinating revelation of the unbounded grace and mercy of the one who perfectly reflected the image of a loving heavenly Father.
That revelation challenges James to break out of his self-sufficient life without church or the faith of his childhood. With Walter and Jillian by his side he has to navigate the meaning of the dreams as well as the condition of his own soul.

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