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if you realy knew me
If you really knew me v2.jpg

If You Really Knew Me

    Who is Beau Dupere? To some he's the most dangerous man in America. To others he's a powerful healer who changed their lives. For Dixon Claiborne he poses a threat to the integrity of God's church. For Anna Conyers he simply poses a tantalizing mystery that she intends to unravel for her regional newspaper. Both Dixon and Anna experience the most remarkable and controversial of Beau Dupere's days, as the friction from his life and ministry threatens to divide America and the Christian Church.

the words i speak
the words i speak v2.jpg

The Words I Speak

    Willow Pierce has an extraordinary gift. She can see beyond the veil of the natural world and hears God’s voice as clearly as anyone alive today. Now in her forties, she has developed a world-wide reputation for prophetic insight and accuracy. But what she really wants is an ordinary life.

    She has no intention of renouncing her great gift. And she would never consider turning her back on her intimate connection with the God who saved her and lives in every moment of her life. But Willow is feeling much greater freedom from the fears and wounds that kept her single all these years. And her heavenly father seems to be nudging her toward romance beside the one she has carried on with his son for all her adult life.

    Fearlessly following the spirit’s leading into any sort of ministry, no matter how dangerous, can she count on that same tenacious bravery in her personal life? Life is an adventure. Romance is a perilous adventure. Or so she used to think…

greate things
Greater Things v2.jpg

Greater Things

    When controversial healer Beau Dupere declared that the greatest miracle worker in the U.S. was Bobby Nightingale, the press didn’t know where to find this powerful man. Because they looked in all the wrong places, it took them months to connect that endorsement with the apparently homeless man, who went where God sent him, healed and raised people from the dead, and disappeared again into obscurity.

    Someone else was looking for Bobby Nightingale, during those months—a young woman who believed that he was her father. Bobby didn’t know that he had a daughter, and that young woman wasn’t sure she wanted the father that she found.

    If someone could actually do the things that Jesus did before he died, how would that person live? Would he be loved? Would he be hated? Would he simply be misunderstood?

    Bobby Nightingale faced all of that with a grin and a shrug, because he had learned to live for the pleasure of only one person—that invisible person whose voice he heard in his head.

my father's house
my father's house v2.jpg

My Father's House

    Her father’s murder sent her on a spiral, away from the pain, away from the danger. With a new name and a new look, she is attending a university two thousand miles from home. But, is that far enough? Can she ever escape the people who killed her father and who might still be looking for her? And does she want to escape the mission that shaped her father’s life and her own alongside him?

    A divine visitation and the love of friends release her to try again—on her own terms. To live an extraordinary life and defy her opponents. But at what cost? Her life?

    The fourth book in the Anyone Who Believes series, My Father’s House is tied in closely to the first book, and connected to books two and three by the appearance of their main characters.

   A triumphant and uplifting story of faith and persistence, and of the supernatural possibilities for Anyone Who Believes.

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