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One perfect king, one flourishing world, and one final rebellion.

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 Relentless Love

    Gretchen Volmer didn’t come home last night. It’s Sunday morning and her dad has heard nothing from her since she left for the concert the night before. When he learns that her best friend is also missing, and her car has been abandoned in another town, his worry turns to fear.
    An Army veteran and former cop, Den Volmer gathers emotional and logistical resources for pursuing his daughter. The police think she might simply be exercising the freedom of a nineteen-year-old. Den knows his girl. Something is wrong. And now he’s in a frantic race to find the abducted girls before they’re dropped into the darkness of the underworld.
    For her part, Gretchen knows that her father won’t stop until he finds her. She only has to stay alive and keep her friend Jennica from falling apart. She tries to get Jenn to laugh, and attempts a human connection with her captors, even as she looks for a way to escape.
Inspired by Cory Asbury’s song, “Reckless Love,” this is the story of a father’s unstoppable passion for his daughter. Whatever his flaws, and deficits in skill, nothing is stronger than Den’s unfailing love for his girl.

Jeff talks about what provoked him to write The Love Scam



About Jeffrey McClain Jones

As a small boy in Lincoln, Nebraska, I listened enrapt to my grandmother reading me children’s stories, such as The Little Engine That Could. I also recall the elementary school librarian who read us Winnie the Pooh, imitating all the voices. And I remember the first summer  I was allowed to ride my bike to the library on my own.

Writing started for me in school.  Teachers encouraged me to pursue what they perceived as a gift. For me, my imagination was a challenge as much as a gift. I found the real world so much less enthralling.

Novels by Jeffrey McClain Jones

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The Reign Series

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The Reign:

Out of Tribulation

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The Reign:

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The Reign:

Eden Restored

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The Reign:

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