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Hiding Jesus

    In 2003 Tildy Hawkins is wondering if she can trust her friend A.J. with all her secrets. Can she tell A.J. that she lives with her grandma because her mother is in drug rehab? Can she tell her that her irresponsible dad abandoned her? Can she explain what it feels like to be neither white nor black? And can she tell A.J. that she’s tempted to try cutting herself?


    All that is too much to tell, too much to trust to another eleven-year-old. And when Tildy accepts that there is no one she can tell all her secrets, reveal all her pains, she gets a visit from an impossible man. He seems to come out of her closet, like one of those monsters in Monsters Inc.


    She stares at the man who looks a lot like her idea of Jesus. And she wonders why she doesn’t scream and run away. Unless … he actually is Jesus.


    Now she has another secret. How could she possibly tell her grandma that Jesus is hiding in her closet … sort of?


    Hiding Jesus is the seventh book in the SEEING JESUS series, which began with the book by that title. It is the story of an encounter between an ordinary person and an extraordinary savior, a savior who shows up right where he’s needed most.

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About Jeffrey McClain Jones

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As a small boy in Lincoln, Nebraska, I listened enrapt to my grandmother reading me children’s stories, such as The Little Engine That Could. I also recall the elementary school librarian who read us Winnie the Pooh, imitating all the voices. And I remember the first summer  I was allowed to ride my bike to the library on my own.

Writing started for me in school.  Teachers encouraged me to pursue what they perceived as a gift. For me, my imagination was a challenge as much as a gift. I found the real world so much less enthralling.

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Alice's Friendship Bench

    At seventy-two, Alice Mertens is not finished with life. She is starting a new one. A new mission. Alice is part of the first class of Friendship Bench peer counselors at a local hospital. She will meet folks in the shade, hear their troubles and cheer for their triumphs.

    Never mind that she has no grandkids, Alice and the Friendship Bench in this Midwestern city are following the inspiration of an organization in Zimbabwe. Grannies there sat on benches in public parks and listened to the traumas and trials of people who survived wars and famine. And they offered hope to people struggling to survive their daily lives.

    In Alice’s town, people have survived the pandemic and are ready to get out and get together. At least to sit on a bench outside. She offers consolation and hope that she has absorbed from her years of faith and her personal prayer life.

    The genesis of the Friendship Bench in Africa was a lack of mental health professionals. In the United States, there are certainly more counselors than in Zimbabwe. But there are people in Alice’s city who are shy about meeting with psychologists or psychiatrists, even if some of them folks would surely benefit from expert treatment.

    At home, Alice and her husband Randal are getting back to their life as it was before the pandemic. Even more, they are opening to new opportunities. Retired but not resigned.

The Woman Who Chases Angels


    Sophie Ramos is not a girl anymore. But she still sees angels. These days, she's more certain about the differences between the good and the bad ones. Her newfound faith has infused her with confidence in her gift and in herself. But she still needs the wise counselors and fellow warriors she has met along the way.

    Navigating relationships and her work, Sophie continues to encounter spirits in her daily life. But she is not just pushing past them anymore. She has joined with saints from a variety of churches in bringing freedom to the suffering and oppressed. She has even resorted to chasing an angel … or two.

The Woman Who Chases Angels brings light into dark places, hope into stuck places and joy everywhere Sophie carries her extraordinary gift.

The Woman Who Chases Angels - Book Cover.jpg