One perfect king, one flourishing world, and one final rebellion.

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Small Lives

    A story of three small lives needing hope in the midst of a global crisis.

    Carrie Marvin is widowed and living alone during the pandemic. On a trip into Chicago to pick up masks for her office, she sees a lone teen trundling through the empty streets of the city. Should Carrie help? At least ask? When she does ask she learns that Gigi is fresh off the bus from Dallas. And on that bus ride Gigi lost her ID and her bank card. She’s eighteen and alone in a strange city. And she’s in Illinois because the abortion clinics in Texas were closed for the lockdown.

    Should Carrie help? How much can she help? Is there an alternative? An alternative to helping the desperate girl? An alternative to ending that small life?

    Gigi is fleeing more than the lockdown on Texas abortion clinics, and more than isolation and unemployment. Her mother’s addictions have left the girl with no stable support and even real danger.

    Carrie is fifty-nine and managing an engineering office in the Chicago suburbs. Her life is safe and comfortable compared to so many around her. She has something to give. And she used to be helpful and friendly, before that became even more risky. Her faith tells her to reach out to the ones who are powerless and vulnerable. That includes Gigi’s unborn child, and it includes Gigi.

    Never able to have children, Carrie offers a place to the young woman who had no reliable parents. With so much uncertainty in the world around them, they must learn to trust each other. Because that trust will be the difference between life and death.

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About Jeffrey McClain Jones

As a small boy in Lincoln, Nebraska, I listened enrapt to my grandmother reading me children’s stories, such as The Little Engine That Could. I also recall the elementary school librarian who read us Winnie the Pooh, imitating all the voices. And I remember the first summer  I was allowed to ride my bike to the library on my own.

Writing started for me in school.  Teachers encouraged me to pursue what they perceived as a gift. For me, my imagination was a challenge as much as a gift. I found the real world so much less enthralling.

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